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Andrzej Lichota / born 1972 / Artist, painter, cartoonist, director. A scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture, 2004, and Erich Pommer Institut, Berlin, 2011. Art director Polish social project "Art Now".






My inspiration is based on authentic experiences, locations, meetings, fragments of landscape, structures and a broad reference to the archetype.

I strive to achieve a particular painting form based primarily on the expression of shapes and qualities of colour which highlight and transpose the emotions that inspire me. Creative action is the quintessence of spontaneous experience. I aim to immerse myself in an experience of the “Now”, expressing it on canvass. On the other hand, struggling with the physical side of a painting is, at the same time, a constant updating of one’s self-expression - again and again, in the face of new questions about the meaning and value of Self, art, knowledge and ultimately - life.

My work is a record of this process, while being an act of experimentation as well as a personal research tool. It’s the process of transformation, building creative awareness and reaching a truth about what has always been unnamed, because it was previously never experienced.

For me, in my work, it is Man that is the most important. Man, celebrating the value of life, but also Man in those ultimate existential situations, when he faces his Being and the transcendent - which is more important, the physical or the spiritual aspect of being? This question is my internal struggle, and an inspiration for my artistic expression. It is this search for truth which, when successful, ultimately determines the survival or otherwise of my paintings.


Peter Fudakowski - british film producer and director. Oscar vinner for the film "Tsotsi""

(...) Lichota’s extensive series of abstract paintings entertain, move and delight, yet some individual paintings terrify and possibly disgust. They each tell a story as suggested in each painting’s title, a story which is essentially private to the artist and inspiring to the viewer. Unusually, there are many of Lichota’s paintings one could live with, and a few others one might only want to see in a gallery. In my view, this would qualify Lichota’s series of abstracts to be a candidate or nominee for an Academy Award, if there was
such an award.

Leszek Danilczyk - critique, art curator:

(...) The palette is broad. The reds – cinnabar, cadmium, alizarin – transform into purple and violet.  The blues – cobalt, ultramarine, indigo, cyan – contrast with orange, chromium and cadmium yellows or warm greens, and at times, the collisions are mitigated by the complementary, chromatic mass of ochre and gray.

Occasionally, the palette changes to narrow and its often-nuanced tones of blue or gray earth intersect with particles of warm reds and yellows. However, there are also almost graphic statements of red and black with wide, spread impastos or short, narrow streaks, swarms of small feathered and twisted spots, abrasions, thickening and thinning, decisive strokes of a brush or spatula, and gently blurring, penetrating stains... On top of that, paint splatters and drips...

These are all techniques entrenched in the tradition of Abstract Expressionism.  Andrew Lichota has been building his own language of art based on those traditions for several years now, since he returned to painting after working in other creative art areas, and he is expanding it with striking results. What is the direction of his development? Despite the relatively short period between the starting point and his current achievements, one gets the impression that it is emerging clearly. The structure of the painting seems to be gaining more and more internal cohesiveness, expressive possibilities, and greater depth.

(...) In the landscaped visions of Andrew Lichota we do not find any sign of the horizon, or any trace of topographic descriptiveness. But we feel a connection between the initiating sensation and the end result of the form-creating process. It's as though the painter has abstracted out of the landscape the elements of earth, rocks, water, air and heat, as well as cold, dryness and moisture, colours, lights and shadows, and then like an alchemist, has given them the transmutation treatment. And in this new form he has preserved, somewhere on at the quantum level, the original information. We read it, almost at a subliminal level, feeling the chill of snow at Damavandu, the red-hot and dark emotions of a corrida, the breath of greenery at La Gomera, the rippling vastness of the ocean surrounding Australia, and the colours laid by the sunset on the open dome of the sky.

Cooperation with galleries: Saatchi Gallery London

previously Fibak Gallery and Gallery Catherine Napiórkowska.


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for a painting of Andrew Lichota is 13 600$.

Sold by SaatchiArt in London to collector in New York.



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(born 1972), a painter, cartoonist and animated film director. He obtained his MA from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków. A scholar of the Polish Ministry of Culture, 2004, and Erich Pommer Institut, Berlin, 2011. An author and creator of TeD and several other cartoon characters. His game Gang Boom Bang (iOS) was selected for BAFTA – British Academy of Film and Television Arts award, London 2015. The author of books and albums (Satirical Drowings, 1999, Rysunki przyczynowo-skutkowe, Chichoty, 2001). He published several articles and drawings in the prominent Polish magazines and newspapers (Przekrój, Polityka, Wprost, Polska The Times, Dziennik Polski, Rzeczpospolita) and Nowy Czas in London. In 2011 he was editor-in-chief and a publisher of a satirical magazine TeDPRESS.
He has made more than 60 short animated films, many of which have been broadcast on TV.  He takes an active part as a jury member of international film festivals in Łódź (ReAnimacja), in Teheran (ROSHD International), in Cracow, in Brasil FINC Baya Formosa and Sydney (CINEWEST).

He deals with easel painting in the current of expression abstraction, which is inspired by the artist's authentic experiences. As a result of the travels, cycles such as Australia, Iran and La Gomera were created. He is currently working on a series of paintings inspired by Spanish Corrida.

He is a member of the Polish Filmmakers Society and President of The Ted Foundation whose aim is to support talented children and young persons.


"The world became complicated and is going through a time of transformation.
We cannot embrace the whole thing anymore, we are doomed to progressive fragmentation."

                                                                                                                                 Andrzej Lichota

Substantial exhibitions:

2020 Andrzej Lichota “Australia”, Liberty Gallery, Cracow, Poland; 2019 sculpture "HEMINGWAY" Art Festival Tropical Burning Man; Baia Formosa, Brasil; 2019 “Tauromachy” Gallery Institute of Cervantes - Cracow, Poland; 2018 - Art Fair Parallax Town Hall Kensington in London; 2018 - HYDROPOLIS in Wroclaw; 2017 - Gallery "ARCHETURA" - Abstraction Andrzej Lichota: "Iran, Australia, La Gomera", Kraków; 2016 - International exhibition in project "Ancient Palaces" Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy, Palazzo Galio, Italy; 2016 - Browary Lubicz - Pański Gallery, Cracow; Museum of Caricature, Warsaw – 2008, St. Polten, St. Leonhard – Austria – exhibition accompanying International Symposium for European Union, Polish Institute – Budapest, exhibition Gallery Piranha Rzeszow; exhibition of painting Camera Cafe, Krakow; exhibition of painting Alchemia Krakow;


Awards and distinctions:

  • I Award for painting in National Competition, Bielsko Biała
  • Official selection to BAFTA, Londyn
  • Erich Pommer Institut scholarship – Berlin;
  • III Award in Animation category – European Satire Festival – Poznań;
  • II place in drawing competition, Humour Festival, Gdańsk;
  • Distinction of Creative Intelligence Society, Kołobrzeg;
  • Scholarship of the Minister of Culture
  • I Award of TVN in a competition for interactive program script;
  • participant of International Audiovisual forum organised by European Union and United International Pictures, Warsaw;
  • distinction funded by the Polish Minister of Culture and director of Museum of Caricature in Warsaw
  • participant of polish deputation during International Symposium for European Union in St. Polten and St. Leonhardt, Austria;
  • II Award in National Drawing Contest „Woman and Man”.
  • distinction of Krakow's Academy of Arts  professor for painting work  

His works may be found in collections of:

Scott Cullather New York, Raiffeisen Bank, Museum of Caricature in Warsaw; Museum of Copper in Legnica, Grzegorz Hajdarowicz; Camila Carril London, Edward Miszczak, Ryszard Czapla, Ptiotr Fronczewski, Fawley Court – London, Vahid Vahed – Sydney;  Iztapalapa Mexico; Teresa Bazarnik and Grzegorz Małkiewicz – London; PKN Orlen; WBK; Sandofi – Aventis; NETI SA; Malopolska's Region Marshall's Office and others.

Member of Polish Filmmakers Society and SPAK and ZAPA.



He was lecturing classes in animated film diretion among others, for:

  • Krakows Film School them. Wojciech Jerzy Has under „Training with Mastrers”
  • ROSHD Interna Film Festival in Teheran „Animation – Development directions with youths education”


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